///Paeonia Candy Stripe

Paeonia Candy Stripe

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Why the candy stripe peonies are called as such becomes apparent when one sees these red, pink and white colored flowers. The white petals with red and pink stripes have an uncanny resemblance to the festive peppermint candy. These bi-colored flowers have long, strong stems and are sure to bring joy to gardens and landscapes when they bloom early in the year.

Whirlwind of colors

Candy stripe peony flowers are a real attraction, because they do not only add a splash of color to gardens and landscapes. When blooming, the flowers spread a pleasant smell throughout the garden or landscape. On top of that, these early bloomers also attract the attention of many different species, from butterflies to hummingbirds and, of course, the gaze of every passerby.

Planting advice for the candy stripe peony

Peonies are among the most popular of bulb flowers, for they require little tending to for supreme flowering. Plant the candy stripe peonies in fall for the roots to have sufficient time to grow strong and the flowers will survive the winter to come. About the candy stripe peony:

  • Bloom mid spring to late spring;
  • Grow in zones 3-7;
  • Prefer full sun or partial shade;
  • Requires low maintenance and little water;
  • Plant the bulbs 1-2” (2,5-5 cm) deep;
  • Are resistant to most pests;
  • Prefer well-drained soils.

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