///Paeonia Coral Charm

Paeonia Coral Charm

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Peony Coral Charm

This charming Peony with its coral blending colors steals every gardeners' heart. The Peony Coral Charm is well known for its beautiful color blend. When the flower opens, the heart of the flower is dark pink and a blend of coral is visible to the outside of the petals. There are many Coral sorts that show this type of color blend, this makes the Peony Corals so popular. At De Vroomen, we adore this Peony. Buy peonies online and we ship your order to the USA and Canada.

About the large Peony Coral Charm

The large-flowered, semi-double Peony produces large petals. The color changes from dark pink in the heart, to orange, coral, and pale white at the outside of the petals. The stems are strong and long, this makes the Peony Coral Charm excellent for cut flowers. Some stems can grow up to 31" (80 cm). The bud size is 1 to 1,5" (3-4 cm) and the flower can become 6-8" (15-20 cm). The Coral Charm has no scent, this sort is well-known for its look, rather than its smell.

Care for Peony Coral Charm

The Peony Coral Charm blooms from the end of May to June, this makes the Peony Coral Charm an early-bloomer. Before the Peony Charm starts to bloom outrageously, you have to wait several years for the roots to establish. But when it's time, the charming Peony will blow you away with its beautiful colors.

  • Plant the Peony Charm in fall, from September to October

  • Peony Coral Charm is hardy

  • Plant the Peony Coral Charm in well-drained nutritious soil

  • Keep the soil moist

  • Don't move peonies to another spot, peonies hate being moved

  • Naturalizes by root cutting and tearing of plants

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