///Paeonia Eden’s Perfume

Paeonia Eden’s Perfume

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Peony Eden's Perfume

The herbaceous Peony Eden's Perfume blooms in June. The name of this Peony shows that this Peony complements a lovely scent to the beautiful appearance. The sweet, delicate smell of the flower makes you walk in a candy store. Enjoy the lovely scent in combination with the outstanding flowers. This makes the Peony Eden's Perfume the perfect summer flower. About the Peony Eden's Perfume It smells like an eau de toilette, this smelling Peony could be a natural air freshener. Discover this delicate sweet scent yourself, by planting this flower in the summer border. The uncommonly ruffled petals show a light-pink color with beige edges.
  • The plant grows up to 30" (75 cm)
  • The blooms start flowering from late spring to early summer
  • The blooms are excellent for cut flowers
  • The stems are strong and sturdy
  • The foliage is deep green and deeply cut
  • The peony bush makes a spread of 2 feet (60 cm)
Care for Peony Eden's Perfume The bare-root peonies need to be planted in fall, or in spring. We advise planting in fall, so the plant has enough time to establish and grow strong roots. The plant needs 2-3 years before it starts flowering. But it is definitely worth the wait. After the plant has settled down in your garden, you will enjoy the lovely fragrant flowers each year. At De Vroomen, we adore the lovely Peony Eden's Perfume for its appearance and its smell. Order Peony Eden's Perfume online Grow your own eau de toilette in the garden. The Peony Eden's Perfume is available from September at De Vroomen. We ship your order to the USA and Canada.



Cut Flower Deer Resistant