///Paeonia Madame Debatene

Paeonia Madame Debatene

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Peony 'Madame Emile Debatene'

The Peony Madame Emile Debatene is very sophisticated and charming with large pink flowers. Peonies cheer up the late-spring and early-summer garden. The luscious pink blossom flower heads have deep pink petals on the outside, with ruffled petals in the heart. This overwhelming beautiful Peony shows its face from May to June and has a flowering period of 7-10 days. Plant Peony Madame Emile Debatene
  • Plant peonies in fall, from September to October
  • Plant the bare-roots straight outside in the soil
  • Grow Peony Madame Emile Debatene in borders or containers in full sun or partial shade
  • Regularly water after planting, especially in the first year
  • Keep hydrated in the growth period
How does the Peony Madame Emile Debatene look The Peony Madame Emile Debatene reaches a height of 40-44" (100-110 cm). The full double pink flowers are superb and make excellent cut flowers. Cut the stems diagonally before placing them in a vase. In a vase, the peonies last for 7-10 days. If the flower buds won't start flowering, add a little sugar to the water, this stimulates the growth and makes the bud pop out. The strong stems make beautiful flower bouquets. Order Peony Madame Emile Debatene online The rigorous, beautiful pink Peony Madame Emile Debatene is available at De Vroomen, from September. We securely pack and ship your order to the USA and Canada.



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