///Paeonia Raspberry Sundae

Paeonia Raspberry Sundae

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Peony Raspberry Sundae

The Peony Raspberry Sundae looks like ice cream on a hot summer day. This is one of our favorites and we show you why. This midseason peony shows heavily flowering light-pink scoops of raspberry ice cream, with vanilla ice cream in the middle. If the water didn't flow in the mouth by this description, the Peony Raspberry Sundae isn't for you. At De Vroomen, we have sold peonies for almost 95 years. Order Peony Raspberry Sundae online. Plant the Peony Raspberry Sundae This bombshell of a peony needs to be planted in fall, from September to October. The light pink color begins in the center, makes place for a scoop of beige and then finishes the petals with its soft pink color. The mild sweet fragrance smells like blossom and makes this Peony perfect for the backyard. Plant the Peony Raspberry Sundae in the back of the border, support the stems by staking and enjoy your natural raspberry ice cream to the fullest. The long stems make excellent cut flowers in a vase. Cut the stems before the bud starts flowering. Cut the stems diagonal and add a little sugar to the water if the flowers won't flower. Care for Peony Raspberry Sundae
  • The Peony Raspberry Sundae grows up to 35" (90 cm)
  • Plant the Peony Raspberry Sundae in a full sunny spot with partial shade
  • The more sun, the brighter the flower
  • Plant the Peony Raspberry Sundae in a sand, loam, clay or chalk soil
  • Keep the soil moist, but well-drained
  • It takes 2-5 years for the peony plant to flower, after that, it blooms heavily every year
USA and Canada shipped Peony Raspberry Sundae Garden Centers in the USA and Canada love peonies like Peony Raspberry Sundae. Order this lovely Peony online and we securely pack and ship your order to the USA and Canada.  



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