///Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt

Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt

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Peony Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernardt is, without a doubt, the most popular peonies among all peonies. The pink blossom colored flowers trigger spring fever, and the outstanding large flowers are a real showstopper. The aromatic scent, in combination with the stunning round bloom heads, makes the perfect Peony. At De Vroomen, we sell Sarah Bernhardt peonies, get your order shipped to the USA and Canada.

About the Sarah Bernhardt peony

The enormous flowers of the Sarah Bernhardt peony bloom outrageously in late spring to early summer. The flowers are 8" (20 cm) wide and grow up to 2-3 feet (60-90 cm). The flower blooms heavily but, sadly, just for a short period. The bloom period is about 7-10 days long. Enjoy the peony flowers while they last; otherwise, you have to wait a whole year. To extend the blooming season of peonies, plant different peony sorts in the border. Peonies know different bloom seasons, so plant wisely, and enjoy a long growing season.

Cut flowers Peony Sarah Bernhardt

The Sarah Bernhardt flowers make excellent cut flowers in a vase. Cut the stems and place them in a jar. The flowers will last over a week if watered right and cut diagonally. The beautiful green foliage, in combination with the bright pink flowers, will steal your heart. Great for presents, greater to keep to yourself.

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