///Paeonia Festiva Maxima

Paeonia Festiva Maxima

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Peony Festiva Maxima

This Peony deserves some attention for its pure white double flowers with small pink remarks on the petals. The delightful fragrant Peony Maxima Festiva smells lovely and makes an excellent garden plant for the border. Enjoy this breathtaking Peony that blooms from late spring to early summer. The peonies flower heavily for 7 to 10 days straight. Order yours now online at De Vroomen.

About the Peony Festiva Maxima

This midseason peony makes a perfect pair with other peonies and perennial flowers in the garden. Read the steps below on how to plant the Peony Festiva Maxima:

  • Plant peonies in fall, from September to October

  • In well-drained, humus-rich soil

  • Choose a sunny to partly shady place for the Peony Festiva Maxima

  • Dig a hole that is about 1 foot (30 cm) deep)

  • Mix the soil from the hole with organic compost for optimal growth

  • Water after planting

  • Don't move peony plants, this will disturb the growth and give less fantastic flowers

Extend the Peony Festiva Maxima's season

Plant several peonies in the border to extend the flowering season. There are early-flowering peonies and late-flowering peonies. If you want to enjoy a long bloom season, plant different peony sorts mixed in the border. Once the early bloomers are done flowering, the midseason peonies will show their faces. And to finish the peony season, there are late-blooming flowers that finish the show. Combine many varieties of Peony with each other to create a stunning display. At De Vroomen, we have plenty of peony plants.

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