///Paeonia Inspecteur Lavergne

Paeonia Inspecteur Lavergne

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Peony Inspecteur Lavergne in the border Gardeners who have a large backyard, love the Peony Inspecteur Lavergne. The Peony Inspecteur Lavergne has remarkable stems, that are brown-red, and the plant produces grey-green leaves. The Peony Inspecteur Lavergne makes the best visual effect when planted in small groups of five per square meter.
  • The stems grow up to 30-40" (80-100 cm) (This makes the flowers perfect for the middle of the border)
  • The Peony Inspecteur Lavergne produces one large flower and several side buds
  • Loves a sunny, airy, well-drained soil that is humus-rich
Care for Peony Inspecteur Lavergne The Peony Inspecteur Lavergne flowers form an upright bush of dark green leaves that remain attractive all season. The Peony Inspecteur Lavergne produces large double flowers of deep red with the petals in white. From May to June, these showstoppers steal the show in every garden. Peonies rarely need to be divided or moved, they require one permanent location. But if you want to move the peony plant, do this in fall, after the flowering period and before winter, so the plant has enough time to establish on the new location. Enjoy the Peony Inspecteur Lavergne! Order Peony Inspecteur Lavergne online De Vroomen sells bare-root peonies of high-quality. The high-qualified peonies establish well and produce large cherry-red to deep red flowers. We securely pack and ship your order to the USA and Canada.



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