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Wholesale Growers

Thank you for visiting our website. If you are Professional Grower, Retail Nursery, Landscape Contractor, or interested in quality perennials for any other reason, you have come to the right place. At De Vroomen Garden Products we are dedicated to supplying you with the best perennials.

Why De Vroomen Garden Products as your supplier of Perennials?

  • Over 600 VARIETIES of bare root varieties from Holland
  • Bagged program for smaller growers, full crates for larger growers, 2 different price points
  • Sourcing of any required variety in Holland or the USA
  • The largest wholesaler of bare root Peonies in the world
  • Oldest export license into the USA (grower to grower)
  • We guarantee our products to be true-to-name and disease free
  • Products are grown on our own nursery or by carefully selected contract growers

Bare Root Perennials

We offer a wide range of bare root perennials listed as size #1 divisions. Most of these plants are field grown for one year to make them the perfect size for producing a 1 gallon container. We also offer a few of the best-selling perennials in a smaller size #2 division, at a lower price: ideal for smaller containers and quick sales. This size can also be planted in late spring or early summer for fall sales or as extra-large plants for the following spring

Why use Bare Root Perennials for your Perennial Production?

  • Our Bare Roots will make a bigger, stronger plant in a shorter time period, compared to many liners. This will directly decrease production costs and increase profitability of your perennial production
  • All our Bare Roots are quality products, true to name and proven to perform. This will minimize product losses during your production process
  • Bare Roots are easily stored dormant; many delivery schedules are possible. This makes your perennial production very flexible
  • All our Bare Roots are shipped as a dormant, cold stored crown so you can be certain the cold requirement has been met
  • Bare Roots can tolerate lower temperatures after planting than many greenhouse-produced plugs or liners. This directly leads to savings in your production process

De Vroomen Plug Program

Customers are demanding more diverse plant materials, along with delivery dates that are different than the normal shipping times from Holland. To keep up with the change, we have started our own plug and bare root program in the US, as well as developed partnerships with a group of top quality plant producers of domestic bare roots and plugs. This broadens our ability to service our customers with different plant sizes, shipping possibilities, quality, flexibility and an ongoing desire to meet all your plant needs.

Plug Production

21 Cell Plug

32 Cell Plug Tray

72 Cell Plug

We can offer plugs in 21, 32, 50, 72 and 128 cell plugs as well as additional programs of bare root perennials in larger sizes. Please contact your sales representative or our customer service for additional information about the different possibilities and how these programs can help you sell more plants.

Availability throughout the season

Our perennial program begins shipping in early February. The first possible delivery date is around February 1. You are welcome to place your orders in the late fall to make sure the varieties you requested are available. These orders are packed in our production facility in Lisse, Holland. Throughout the spring planting season we maintain a stock in our distribution center in Russell, IL, for direct shipping. On our website www.www.devroomen.com we list the current availability for both our Holland facility and Russell facility which is updated daily.

Specialized in Bare Root Peonies

Over the decades De Vroomen Garden Products have specialized in Peonies. We are the largest exporter of bare root Peonies in the world. Currently we offer over 50 varieties of garden Peonies, 4 varieties of Itoh Peonies and 9 varieties of Japanese Tree Peonies. Bare Root Peonies are available for both fall shipping (delivery starting October 1) and spring shipping (delivery starting February 1).

Shipment of your Perennials

All our Perennials are shipped in sturdy boxes. We have two distribution points in the USA, New Jersey, NY or Russell, IL. You can either pick up your order there or have it shipped to your front door. Larger orders are regularly shipped on pallets. Smaller orders or re-orders are shipped by UPS. We offer an online track and trace system to follow your shipment.

Packing and delivery by plant location

We can pack your orders by plant location. Just send in a PO per location and we will deliver your plants packed accordingly; a convenient service when growing on different locations. We pack our perennials in special plastic bags that ensure sufficient ventilation. Each bag has the variety, size and amount of plants imprinted. We also register the production process which allows us to track each bag of perennials back to the grower; a valuable instrument to increase quality year after year. Each delivery comes with a detailed packing list.

Production & Quality Control

Everyone at our company will make sure we provide you with the best quality perennials. De Vroomen Garden Products is known for delivering healthy, true-to-name and true-to-size products. Because de Vroomen takes quality seriously, we are a member of the elite Holland Selection organization.

Holland Selection

Being a member of this organization we guarantee:

  • the highest quality perennials;
  • healthy plants upon delivery;
  • that the variety, color and size of the plants agree with what is stated in our catalog;
  • proper handling of customer complaints;
  • tracking and tracing from grower to consumer in order to improve our quality and customer service.

De Vroomen
Peony Production

Fresh Perennial Stock in cooler, ready to be packed

Fresh Perennial Stock in cooler, ready to be packed

Packing bulk boxes of Perennials

Packing bulk boxes
of Perennials

De Vroomen quality control test garden

De Vroomen quality
control test garden

Our products are packed in a state of the art production facility in Lisse, Holland. The independent Dutch PD Inspection Service conducts inspections during the production process and thereafter. As well as using independent inspectors, we also have our own staff members to monitor quality, packing of your plants and paperwork. We use modern counting and packing machines for premium packing and a professional logistical system for order picking. Furthermore, we can look back on more than 85 years of perennial exporting knowledge.

Picture Database

At De Vroomen, we are trying to help our customers improve their perennial business in any way possible. We recently designed an online picture database that will help you as a professional to resell De Vroomen perennials. This database contains all high resolution photo material that is currently owned by De Vroomen. For our customers, these pictures are available to use on your website or in your catalog. You can easily browse the database and select the pictures you would like to receive. Request a login here.