///Paeonia Bowl of Beauty

Paeonia Bowl of Beauty

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Low maintenance perennials for any garden. Clump forming bush like growing habits. Most varieties can be used for cut flower growing. Not particular about soil, but a sunny location is needed for best flower production. Peonies perform best if planted in fall. Also fall shipment: delivery first week of October.Japanese, light pink flowers with a large yellow center. Flowers are somewhat cupped. Mid season.

Peony Bowl of Beauty

One of the most spectacular peonies is the Peony Bowl of Beauty. The pink-red flowers are filled with a beige-yellow heart. This Peony grows fast, compared to other peonies. Peonies are slow growers, but this sort is pretty fast for a peony. Buy this botanical Peony online at De Vroomen, we ship your peonies to the USA and Canada. Discover the beauty of the Peony Bowl of Beauty.

About the Peony Bowl of Beauty

Peonies love a fully sunny spot, with half shade. The Peony Bowl of Beauty blooms from May to June. The stems are very strong and grow straight upwards to 3 feet (90 cm) high. The Peony Bowl of Beauty loves a humus-rich soil which is well-drained. Plant peonies in the border, combine them with other peonies and perennials from De Vroomen. Peonies are hardy, but die every winter and grow back every spring. Just before the young shoots start to grow, cut the old foliage, this makes the peonies grow richer.

Perfect cut flower Peony Bowl of Beauty

The Peony Bowl of Beauty got its name because of the beautiful flower bowl that's filled with enormous color. The lilac, pink, and orange-colored flowers bloom heavily and steal every gardeners' heart. The incredibly anemone-shaped blossoms are 8" (20 cm) wide and are densely packed with soft yellow strap-like petals at their heart.

High-qualified Dutch Peony Bowl of Beauty

De Vroomen sells high-qualified peonies to the USA and Canada. Order your peonies online and get your order packed and shipped with care. We ensure our peonies will arrive well-packed.




Cut Flower Deer Resistant