///Paeonia Kansas

Paeonia Kansas

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Peony Kansas

The Kansas peony has beautiful fuchsia-colored flowers. The showy fuchsia flowers open beautifully, and this phone is one of our favorites in combination with the dark green foliage. The Kansas peony grows exceptionally strong stems. This makes the Peony Kansas excellent for cut flowers in a vase. At De Vroomen, we have sold holland flower bulbs and bare-root peonies for almost 90 years. Order your Peony Kansas now online at De Vroomen.

How to grow Peony Kansas

The Peony Kansas transforms your summer border to a showy painting. The Peony Kansas:

  • Must be planted in fall, in late September and October

  • Must be planed about 2 feet deep (60 cm)

  • Likes a well-drained soil

  • Likes organic compost mixed with the soil from the planting hole

  • Loves a sunny to a partly shaded spot in the garden

  • Must be watered thoroughly after planting

Care for Peony Kansas

It takes time before bare-root peonies grow into full-grown peonies. Peony Kansas needs time to develop, peony Kansas usually takes a few years to establish, bloom, and grow. But when the Peony Kansas is built into a mature plant, the blooms are fantastic. Gardeners are fond of the Peony Kansas for its beautifully fuchsia-colored flowers. Kansas peonies bloom in late spring to early summer. Prune peonies back to the ground in the fall to avoid overwintering diseases. Peonies thrive on benign neglect. Unlike most perennials, they don't need to be dug and divided every few years. So, you can leave Peony Kansas in its sunny spot and wait for it to bloom the next year.

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