Paeonia Karl Rosenfield

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Peony Karl Rosenfield The Karl Rosenfield peony is one of the most stunning red double peonies. The Karl Rosenfield will definitely attract attention in gardens, wildflower fields, and beddings. The vibrant cherry-red, rose-shaped flowers are a feast for the eye. All gardeners love peonies, especially the large-flowered, double blossom ones. And we totally understand why. This is why gardeners love the Karl Rosenfield peony, which is why De Vroomen sells Karl Rosenfield peonies to the USA and Canada. About the Karl Rosenfield peony The Karl Rosenfield peony: Blooms in late season Grows in medium, lush well-drained soil Grows up to 24-36" (60-90 cm) in height Must be planted in full sun to a partly shaded spot Is attractive to butterflies Cut flowers peony Karl Rosenfield The big question is: do you leave the peonies in the yard, or do you cut the stems for cut flowers? If peonies Karl Rosenfield grow straight, they are excellent cut flowers. Sometimes, the peonies bend to the ground during the growth. Staking will help the peonies stand straight. If your peonies arch toward the ground, help them by staking. The bright cherry-red flowers are best for cutting when they're still in the bud. So, don't wait for them to flower. The right moment for cutting peonies is when the color of the flower is showing, but the petals haven't started to open. Order Karl Rosenfield peonies online At De Vroomen, we sell bulk peonies to the USA and Canada. Get your order shipped. We carefully pack your peonies so you can enjoy the bright cherry-red colors.



Cut Flower, Deer Resistant

Bloom Color


Hardiness Zone



36" / 90 cm

Plural Unit




Singular Unit


Light Requirements

Partial Shade, Sun


Wholesale Growers

Watering Requirements

Average, Moist

Soil Requirements

Normal, Sandy, Clay