///Paeonia Red Charm

Paeonia Red Charm

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Peony Red Charm

The Peony Red Charm is one of the most popular red peonies available. At De Vroomen, we have sold bare-root peonies for almost 95 years. The Peony Red Charm flowers early in the season and produces double flowers. The round flowers are perfect for cut flowers and remain beautiful in a vase for one week. Some flowers can become 9" (22 cm) wide. These large-flowered peonies are loved among gardeners over the whole world. Order Peony Red Charm online at De Vroomen. Short but heavy Peony Red Charm The charming Red Peony is a peony with a very short flowering period, but this makes the flowers bloom heavy and bright. The lovely deep red color in combination with the green foliage brightens up every backyard and border. Cheer up the front yard with red peonies. This hybrid, Peony forms a perfect round ball and blooms very early in the season. The stems remain short, but grow strong and sturdy. The petals pop out from May. How does the Peony Red Charm look The petals of the Peony Red Charm form a combination of two different petals. The outside of the flower produces smooth petals with a bright red color. The center of the heart is filled with ruffled red petals. The combination of the two types of petals, gives the Peony Red Charm a charming look.
  • The bare-root peonies need to be planted 2 to 3" (5-7 cm) below ground level
  • The stems grow up to 36" (90 cm)
  • Water regularly
  • Plant in average, well-drained soil
Order Peony Red Charm online We sell bare-root peonies online. From September, the Peony Red Charm is available at De Vroomen. We ship your order to the USA and Canada.



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