///Paeonia Sorbet

Paeonia Sorbet

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Low maintenance perennials for any garden. Clump forming bush like growing habits. Most varieties can be used for cut flower growing. Not particular about soil, but a sunny location is needed for best flower production. Peonies perform best if planted in fall. Also Fall shipment: delivery first week in October.Light pink with canary yellow center. Nice fluffy flowers on bulky stems. Mid season.

Peony Sorbet

The Peony Sorbet looks like perfect three-layered ice cream on a hot summer day. This spectacular Peony is breathtaking with its fragrant triple-layered blooms. The Peony Sorbet blooms in early summer. The silky ruffled petals blend from dusky pink at the edge and center to apricot blush petals in the middle. The fine, sturdy stems grow up to 40" (100 cm) high and the flowers are 5-7" (12-17 cm) wide. Order Peony Sorbet and enjoy a hot summer.

Double blooms Peony Sorbet

The delightful fragrant flowers of the Peony Sorbet are fantastic. The stems are strong and sturdy and all grow double blooms. The handsome dark green foliage turns red in fall. These blushy plants are phenomenal in the border and are perfect perennials for the summer border. Give the Peony Sorbet a well-drained, sunny location and plant the bare-rooted peonies no more than 2" (5 cm) below soil level. Once to twice a year, add fertilizers like organic compost to stimulate growth.

How to grow Peony Sorbet

To grow the stunning Peony Sorbet, you need to have patience. It takes a while to grow Peony Sorbet.

  • First, choose a delightfully sunny spot

  • Mix the soil with organic compost

  • Don't move the peony plant for the next 7 years

  • Water regularly

  • Add fertilizers twice a year, in spring and summer

  • Let the peonies undisturbed after the flowering period

  • Wait for the Peony Sorbet to bloom, sometimes, this takes 3 years. But trust us, it's totally worth the wait.

Order Peony Sorbet online

At De Vroomen, we have sold loads of flowers for almost 95 years. The Peony Sorbet is one of our favorites. Order yours online and we ship your bare-rooted peonies to the USA and Canada.




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