Itoh Paeonia

The beautiful species Itoh Paeonia or intersectional peonies are named after Toichi Itoh. He was the first hybridizer that successfully crossed a tree peony with a herbaceous peony in the 1940s. Historically, these peonies used to be very expensive. Nowadays, we have found ways to grow these peonies under better and cheaper circumstances. Itoh peonies can’t be missed in any summer garden border. Despite the short flowering period, these delightful peonies are fantastic and bring joy to your garden. The intersectional peony is known for its large, long-lasting blooms and sturdy stems that don’t require staking. The dark green, lush, deeply lobed foliage lasts until fall and then dies back down when winter comes. At De Vroomen, we have a wide range of peonies. The Itoh peony section contains peonies with long-lasting flowering periods, fantastic colored flowers, and beautiful foliage. Choose your favorite in our webshop, and we ship your order to the USA and Canada.

How to grow Itoh Peonies?

Peonies take long to establish. The colorful and exotic flowers need time to grow. To grow large and fantastic closely-packed Itoh peonies, you have to keep a few basic rules in mind. Follow these steps is you are planting an Itoh peony:
1. Plant Itoh peonies in full sun to part shade
2. Itoh peonies prefer humus-rich, well-drained soil
3. Fertilize Itoh peonies in spring and summer with a fertilizer that contains a low level of nitrogen
4. Don’t fertilize Itoh peonies in late summer to fall. This causes too nutrient soils that the plant doesn’t manage at this time of the year since the roots don’t need any nutrients anymore.
5. In fall, cut back the stems to 4-6” (10-15 cm) above soil level.

Popular Itoh Peonies

We sell over ten different types of Itoh peonies in our webshop. We would like to highlight our favorites. To check all our varieties available, check the webshop. The most outstanding Itoh peonies at De Vroomen are:
Bartzella: this luxury, double-flowered golden-yellow peony has an eye-catching orange center and is exceptionally floriferous. This variety grows up to 36” (90 cm) and is perfect for cut flowers.
Cora Louise: the large, semi-double, lightly fragrant blossoms are white with a lavender center. His vigorous plant produces up to 50 blooms in a single growing season. If that wasn’t enough: this peony also doesn’t require staking!
Hillary: these strong stems grow lightly fragrant flowers with rosy-pink petals with a cluster of yellow stamens in the center. Plant this peony in full sun to partial shade and water regularly in extreme heat or containers.

Order Itoh Peonies

To order these outrageous blooms, go to our webshop and pick the peonies you like most. Check the availability, since peonies have a particular delivery period. We securely pack your peonies and ship them to the USA and Canada. De Vroomen is specialized in shipping flower bulbs, perennial flowers, and peonies for almost 95 years.